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Project management reference guide to assist in helping you through a library collection document over years passed and offered to guide and assist leadership skill sets. The library of reference makes it easy for you to gather the correct information about potential hazards and possible solutions specific to your work tasks or specifics to your project. These project management reference's are a collection completed for your desired findings and results. Simple library of reference collection! Experienced project management reference of initiatives to suit your project scenarios and needs.

“Brenda is an accompolished multi-talented professional who cares deeply about people and committed to their success.
Brenda is a guru of creative problem solving and commitment to excellence. Her excellence is not an act, it is a habit!
Anyone who is interested in finding solutions in their business Brenda is the go to person. She has the ideal combination of business knowledge and a visionary with a level of caring for people that makes her an excellent business leader.”
~ Renee Aymar Kosmatka

“Working with Brenda at Questar was an enriching experience as she brings professionalism and can-do approach to the table in addition to her extensive PM and process management background. Brenda brought in tremendous process improvements and templates that helped the team to work through the SDLC process.
She is a great team player and objective about her approach to problem resolution and options. It has been a pleasure to get to know Brenda!"
~ Geetha M.

“Brenda is a highly skilled and detailed Project and Program Manager who I had the pleasure of working with while I was a Business Analyst. She is very adaptable to any environment and can bring teams of various sizes together to accomplish the end goal. She has managed very large and complex programs and projects to small development projects.
I found Brenda to be a leader and would enjoy working with her again.”~ Dawn Michelsen

“Brenda is very experienced in her chosen field and stays ahead of the curve with changing technologies. I have always found her to be reliable and dependable. I value her opinions and highly recommend her to anyone seeking services.” ~ Bob Marx

“Please consider Brenda as a Top Flight consultant. This letter is my personal recommendation for Brenda Hauer. I have worked with and employed Benda in various capacities over the past 14 years in roles of Project Management, Project Advisement, Technical Architect and various other roles. I found her to be consistently pleasant, tackling all assignments with dedication and a smile. She has been able to navigate numerous difficult assignments to successful completion.
Besides being a joy to work with, Brenda is a take-charge person who is able to present creative ideas and communicate the benefits of a solution. She has successfully managed several projects for my organization that have resulted in streamlined processes and increased revenue.
Brenda has been an asset to many efforts, she has also demonstrated her extraordinarily value by being helpful in other areas of the organization. In addition to her work, Benda assumed leadership roles in various meetings, and works consistently to inspire and motivate other employees.
I highly recommend Brenda for employment. She is a team player and would/will make a great asset to any organization."
~ Ric Mellon

“I worked with Brenda last year in the Shareholder Services division of Wells Fargo. Brenda is a top notch project manager. She consistently delivered her tasks on or before the time they were due. She is excellent at keeping other project team members on task and driving results. She is flexible and she is quickly able to adapt and determine what needs to be done in a changing environment. Any project team would be lucky to have such a strong project manager running it.” ~ Heidi Rothbauer


A key term in business today is efficiency. Companies are attempting to obtain maximum benefits within their organizations by eliminating procedures that have little return, procedures that draw focus away from and inhibit the achievement of a quality product or service. This is where® Enterprise can virtually assist in many aspects without effect on timely procedures of staff consuming and exhausting measures. Your staff should be as physically relaxed as possible to be most efficent with pertinent matter of the organization which could be fed to them through® Enterprise virtual assistance with research and technical matters. Our communication, analysis, recommendations, peer interaction, industry direction through reporting with ease of sharing knowledge simplifies private and corporate environments alike.