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Where can I get more information on the types of information products I use?  Start here with Modern Day’s TOP TEN most asked questions covering project management for information system on various types of information products.

What exactly is an eBook?

Put simply, eBooks are electronic books that can be read on a computer screen, portable device or printed out on paper available for the here and now as the can be delivered in an instant and at no cost (downloaded from our site or another or even as an attachment to an email) through various formats that work on whichever computer or device of your choosing without installation of special software.

EBooks offer a high level of interactivity not possible in hard copy. This makes eBooks the perfect medium for ‘step by step’ guides, ‘how to’ guides and so on, as you can immediately connect to additional information or resources at exactly the moment you need them through links, audio, interactive techniques.


How do I download and read your eBook, white papers, templates, eforms, training course or software?

Exceptional quality - by every measure utilizing breakthrough technologies of multilingual ebook conversion to provide various digital format(s), multi-language(s) for the foreign project manager, visually-impaired or print-disabled (ie. DAISY DTB – digital talking books), supporting portability (ie. Kindle, Nook, Google, iBook, SmartPhone, Tablet, etc.), and interactive delivery whenever possible having options available for whatever your needs may dictate. These files may contain digital audio recordings of human or synthetic speech, best doable translation by conversion, marked up text, and a range of machine-readable files.

Review our book titles, then determine desired format by selecting button indicator at the bottom of our book title icon for pdf, exe, mp2, wma, or doc clicking the download link for the ebook. This will launch the dialog box. Save the ebook, white papers, templates, eforms, training course or software to your desired computer directory (e.g. My Documents). Once the content is downloaded, open the folder where you saved it and double-click the icon to start reading or load for install.

My download completes but I get an error message when I try to open it.

The first thing to be aware of is that our downloads are compatible with Windows 95, 98, NT, ME, 2000, XP, Vista and Windows 7 (with MS Internet Explorer 4 or higher). If your computer doesn’t meet these requirements, then that’s most likely the cause of the problem.

Another common problem is that a problem occured during the download causing the eBook file to become corrupted. The only way to solve this problem is to download the eBook again.

If the eBook appears to download instantly - or in just a few seconds - this is because Windows is calling upon the previously downloaded version which is stored in your ‘Temporary Internet Files’. To ensure that you’re getting a ‘fresh’ download, go to C:\Windows\Temporary Internet Files and delete the previously downloaded version that’s stored in that folder.

If you’re still experiencing difficulties, you may need to reboot your PC and try downloading again.

If none of this helps solve the problem, please contact us as we’ll send you a copy directly by email. You must be able to accept attached files to use this option. If you can’t accept attached email files, contact us anyway, and we’ll work with you to find a solution.


What payment methods do you accept?

All payments are accepted through PayPal or Google Checkout secure online payment for Internet users Worldwide.

How do I obtain a refund if I’m not satisfied?

To claim your full 100% refund, simply contact us, within 48 hours asking for the refund and including your name, email address and order number. You’re not obligated to tell us why you want a refund, but your comments and criticisms are always welcome. Please allow ample turn-around of PayPal or Google Checkout refund(s). If you do not contact us within the 48 hour timeframe, refunds may not be granted due to copyright(s) exposure.

Do I have to return a download if I claim a refund?

No. You are free to keep the book with our compliments. We’re able to offer this level of guarantee because the vast majority of our customers are honest people who will not seek a refund if they are happy with their purchase.

How long do downloads typically take?

The speed of the download depends largely on the size of the eBook, white papers, templates, eForms, training course or software in question along with the speed of your Internet connection. Typically, the download should take between 1 and 6 minutes.

Do you have after-sales support?

Yes. If you have any difficulty at all downloading or using our services, simply contact us and we’ll gladly help you out.

Can I submit a manuscript or writing request for consideration?

For the moment we are not accepting manuscript(s) or writing consideration for Modern-Day.NET purposes.

If you have any other questions about our eBook, white papers, templates, eForms, training course or software (or anything else), please don’t hesitate to contact us.


How often are new products released?

For the moment content is continuously being written for published material as quickly as possible with focused to quality versus quantity for Modern-Day.NET purposes.

If you have any other questions about our eBook, white papers, templates, eForms, training course or software (or anything else), please don’t hesitate to contact us.