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This course is focused on providing you the essential insight to be a project manager, and how those skills can lead to your next job, promotion or project.  If you feel like you’re winging it, running out of time or losing control these ‘get started’ fundamentals are scratching the surface to determine what the project management lifecycle will have for it’s look and feel in your environment whether this project manager is you or someone you hire.  By the time you complete this course, you’ll have the basic understanding of the fundamentals of the initial framework with knowledgeable insight so you can better prepare for your existing or next project.

Made easier. Streamlined for you benefit. Taught to you in much less time ‘fast-tracking’ utilizing skills and experience gained through Brenda’s two-decades of working Fortune 500 Project Management Contracts as an independent consultant.

The guidance, tools, teachings and techniques taught by Modern-Day are used around the world, in a wide variety of industries from software development, infrastructure, financial services to retail to construction to government agencies.

Let the journey begin!

modern day author, leader, entrepreneur and professional consultant dedicated to Make Corporate Visions a Reality | While Showing Others HOW

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