I'm Brenda,

your ModernDay Technology Interventionist reducing risks to build projects and support teams ready to unlock their true potential and develop skills necessary to accelerate growth and outperform the competition, with over 20+ years of project management experience, I'm passionate about helping senior managers and leaders alike, make the transition to an organization that profits and thrives on complexity.

Brenda did a great job getting a multi-faceted project organized with a clear direction. She has a very analytical nature about her that boils down the key questions to the relevant facts and the associated math that all can agree and act upon.

I empower Project Manager’s and Leaders alike to expose project RISK planning so simply they can Stand-out Conquer Obstacles and Reach Excellence…in other word, SCORE!

The profitable action steps for building a highly-effective risk-mitigation roadmap using my TurnKEY Roadmap Booster & Strategy leveling up your project and bringing you the ROI ‘cha-ching’ your bosses will rave about.

I founded my business to Mentor LEADERS-in-the-Moment while Showing Others How to move from obstacles to solutions in their role with confidence, understanding and clarity to actionable next steps so they become more efficient in the workplace.

Yes, you can ROCK this!


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