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Can't say enough great things about Brenda! She has been on multiple client engagements and each time has gone above and beyond to provide and ensure top quality results ahead of schedule. Brenda has the personality and toughness to survive and succeed in any environment and I would fully recommend her services to any client or organization without hesitation!

Ross Arneberg

Senior Recruiting Manager - Beacon Hill Technologies
November 10, 2018

Brenda did a great job getting a multi-faceted project organized with a clear direction. She has a very analytical nature about her that boils down the key questions to the relevant facts and the associated math that all can agree and act upon.

Jay Wardle

Director, Enterprise Data - Red Wing Shoe Co.
February 21, 2014

Brenda came in and organized a plan for a critical component of our multichannel commerce initiative. Her plan was solid and well thought out and we appreciated her efforts to build a plan we can execute.

Joe Topinka

Visionary CIO | IT & Business Mentor | Published Author Keynote Speaker | Board Member February 16, 2014

Brenda is an excellent project manager and has proven her ability to manage complex projects and deliver on time. She is a team player who listens to her team and possess a unique ability to articulate complex technical concepts across all levels of the organization. Brenda is a pleasure to work with and I would strongly recommend her for any PM position

Chad Anderson

Founder | CEO | MBA | 10X Certified Salesforce Business Architect at Cirrius Solutions Inc. February 10, 2014

I was so enamored with the notion the project in itself was my responsibility in its entirety.  I wore many hats from SME, techy, project manager and you name it. “STOP”, she said, “there's a better way”.  Brenda saved the day defining a proper work and responsibility breakdown with a project dashboard easy for all to follow.

Working with Brenda has been an enriching experience as she brings professionalism and can-do approach to the table in addition to her extensive PM and process management background. Brenda brought in tremendous process improvements and templates that helped the team to work through the SDLC process. She is a great team player and objective about her approach to problem resolution and options. It has been a pleasure to get to know Brenda!

Geetha M

IT Program/Project Management Consultant

Revised Oct 2020 | November 11, 2011

Brenda is very experienced in her chosen field and stays ahead of the curve with changing technologies. I have always found her to be reliable and dependable. I value her opinions and highly recommend her to anyone seeking services.

Bob Marx

CEO, Amara Wines, LLC March 12, 2010

You should join so you can ask questions of seasoned managers! Find out how people run their projects. Learn to manifest strategies. Find out best practices.

Elizabeth Charlton

VFC Corporation May 8, 2021

Brenda is a highly skilled and detailed Project and Program Manager who I had the pleasure of working with while I was a Business Analyst. She is very adaptable to any environment and can bring teams of various sizes together to accomplish the end goal. She has managed very large and complex programs and projects to small development projects. I found Brenda to be a leader and would enjoy working with her again.

Dawn Michelsen

Account Manager - Senior Recruiter at The Ash Group March 11, 2010

Brenda is an accomplished multi-talented professional who cares deeply about people and committed to their success. Brenda is a guru of creative problem solving and commitment to excellence. Her excellence is not an act, it is a habit! Anyone who is interested in finding solutions in their business Brenda is the go to person. She has the ideal combination of business knowledge and a visionary with a level of caring for people that makes her an excellent business leader.”

Renee Aymar Kosmatka

Founder/Principal Business Consultant at Renee's Royal Valet, Limos Coaches & Trolleys March 9, 2010

Brenda has wonderful organizational and communication skills. She hit the ground running at Busch Entertainment and has contributed so much in the short time she has been there. She was able to give me some great advice and offer her opinions on books and techniques that helped me along the way. She's a treasurable business manager and a great inspiration!

Beth Greer

Sr IT Project Manager at Centene Corporation March 10, 2009

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